Matsumura Seito Timeline

5th century A.D. Two Main Shaolin Temples built.
520 A.D. Tamo (Bodhidharma) came to China. Introduced principles the monks built their system on.
1300s 36 families migrate to Okinawa from Fukien and settle in Kume Village.
1570 Honan Shaolin burned. Headquarters of Shaolin Order transferred to Fukien Shaolin.
1500s/early 1600s Three monks create the Wu Xing Q'uan, or Five Animal Style.
1609 Satsuma Clan bans weapons in Okinawa.
1760 Ku Sanku, a Chinese Official and Shaolin practitioner comes to Okinawa and teaches Karate Sakugawa his system.
1810 Bushi Matsumura begins his training under Karate Sakugawa.
About 1820 Bushi Matsumura becomes the personal bodyguard to the king of Okinawa, Sho Ko. To mark the occasion, he changes his last name from Kayo to Matsumura, meaning "pine tree village," since the name of the Shaolin art was Weng Chun, meaning "evergreen." Sakugawa got the art from Kusanku and taught it to Bushi.
About 1830 Bushi Matsumura goes to Fukien and studies at Fukien Shaolin for 26 years and some months.
About 1870 Nabi Matsumura begins his training under Bushi Matsumura.
1889 Bushi Matsumura dies, and Hohan Soken is born. Nabi Matsumura takes over the mastership of Bushi's style.
Early 1900s Fukien Shaolin destroyed during boxer rebellion and never rebuilt.
1902 or 1903 Hohan Soken begins his training under Nabi Matsumura.
About 1913 Hohan Soken starts training in Hakutsuru.
1924 Hohan Soken leaves Okinawa and goes to Argentina.
1952 Hohan Soken returns to Okinawa. Opens a dojo.
Late 1950s Soken Sensei renames his system from Matsumura Shuri-te to Shorin-Ryu Matsumura Seito.
1982 Soken Sensei tells his remaining students to follow Nishihira Kosei after his death.
Nov 30 1982 Soken Sensei passed away.
May 14 2007 Nishihira Kosei passed away .