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Sui-Ken (Elegant Hand)
Sui-Ken (Elegant Hand)
Bushi Matsumura Nabi Matsumura Hohan Soken Kosei Nishihira

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Current News

In Jan of 2011 Sensei Ricky Rose had to step down as head of Suiken due to health issues. It was to be only temporary, but has since decided not to return and retire from Karate. Stepping in to fill the slot will be Sensei Larry R. Lyman 5th dan. Sensei Lyman has a long history of training in Matsumura Seito Suiken Karate and has the full support of Sensei Rose and the group to take Suiken into the future.

Sensei Rose wishes you all the very best life has to offer and thanks all of his friends and students who have shared this life together with him.



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