Hakutsuru Hakutsuru

Haku-tsuru means "white crane". From the public evidence avaliable, it appears Bushi Matsumura created at least one Hakutsuru kata. It is true that there are other Hakutsuru kata created by others, and some of them were Shuri-te practitioners. Whether one is to consider these "Matsumura" or not can only be a subjective conclusion. Everyone has an opinion, so it seems. From the information publically available, it appears that the Matsumura family system was comprised of only what Bushi taught, untouched, without any additions or changes from later successors or other practitioners. For example, Soken said, "My uncle only learned from Bushi Matsumura and only taught me what he had learned." If one takes this statement literally, then the kata in question was passed down from Bushi. There is one Hakutsuru kata that Soken Sensei mentioned himself. He said that "After ten years of training my uncle taught me the most secret kata of Matsumura-style shorin-ryu, the hakutsuru kata..." He said that among the kata he taught, the "last one is my favorite kata that I demonstrate - because it is easier to do." There is a Hakutsuru kata in existence that Hohan Soken allowed to be filmed. The one that he mentioned in this quote would logically be the one that he demonstrated in front of the camara. It appears to be an actual kata, not just a bunch of moves that he threw together for the camara as some suppose. Whether the katas demonstrated by others are the same kata demonstrated by Hohan Soken is left to be determined by someone who is up to the task of comparing them.